Takeaway Tweets & Transcript from #CampusChat on Applying for Early Decision

Fotolia_tweeting Thanks to everyone who joined the conversation on the pros and cons of applying for Early Decision Admission. Below are a few of what I deem to be the takeaways but I encourage you to read the entire transcript for even more terrific advice on college admissions and financial aid. There were so many good links shared during CampusChat that I've included them in a resource section below. 

Takeaway Tweets

@collegevisit: General rule is: Apply early decision if you are 100% sure you want to go to that particular school. #campuschat

@megs0124: Early decision can be stressful. It's a BINDING decision and limits you. Not good for those not sure where they want to go. #campuschat

@Russell_Golowin: "Early Decision" can drastically impact financial aid awards because it is a promise to attend if admitted… #CampusChat

@jeannieborin: @russell_Golowin finaid decisions come out in spring – ED decisions mid Dec. – those that can afford apply ED others can not #campuschat

Note: Early Decision deadlines are coming up during October and November. Check college web sites for deadlines. If applying Early Decision, don't wait until midnight the date your app is due. Technical glitches can occur. 

Keep in mind: You can apply early for regular decision deadlines; apply for Early Decision (depends on school); or apply for Early Action (depends on school). Know which one is best for you. Only Early Decision is binding.  

Early Decision Web Links

Free report on 5 Big Mistakes of Financial Aid http://su.pr/2sgiFR (via @Russell_Golowin)

Early Action. Early Decision. Single Choice Early Action. defined by @collegeboard http://bit.ly/b29U6z (via @collegevisit)

FYI, giant #CommonApp chart of requirements, dates, etc. is here:https://www.commonapp.org/CommonApp/MemberRequirements (via @butwait)

Forbes article on Early Decision http://su.pr/1loSAj (via @Russell_Golowin)

Colleges where applying early decision has helped in the pasthttp://bit.ly/edstats (via @butwait)

Transcript for #campuschat 09/30/10 - What the Hashtag?! http://bit.ly/cTr3ZC