Smart College Visit Adds Video Channel

Like what you read? Now you can like what you watch!

SmartCollegeVisit now has a YouTube Channel! If you subscribe to SmartCollegeVisit or visit the site regularly, then you've likely read the college showcase series Smart See, Smart Do™ or our newly released Smart Learning™ series.

Both were created to give college-bound students and their families additional insight into the programs and places on campus that may just tip the scale when evaluating colleges on a campus tour. We're inviting the 40+ schools we've already written about to send us videos that supplement this information so we can offer our followers a content-rich experience. 

SmartCollegeVisit YouTube Channel

The videos appear in categories that correspond to our blog categories. In YouTube, they're called Playlists. So far, our PlayLists include: CampusChat, Smart See, Smart Do, and Smart Learning.

We'll add more as we continue to create content that will help you on your journey to selecting the college that offers the best fit for your future. 

If you have ideas about what else we should offer or know of unique learning opportunities at colleges and universities, please contact us. Feel free to comment below, post a statement on our Facebook Wall, or contact us via Twitter. We welcome suggestions that help us help you plan your college tour.