Making the most of Climate Change on College Tours

I posted a query asking parents to share their stories about how extreme weather impacted college tours. Below, Marianne O'Hare shares what it was like to tour Syracuse University during a snow event and brave the elements with her daughter in our Parent-to-Parent series. –ZKQ

Making the most of Climate Change on College ToursI grew up in Rochester, New York – where winter was part of the culture. My daughter, however, grew up in Connecticut where winter was more quaint and charming, not quite so brutal. When we went to the April Orientation at Syracuse University, there was a healthy snow event happening. 

People were huddled in their jackets and the wind was sweeping up from Onondaga Lake. To high school seniors, anticipating four years of bliss, this was NOT the image to regale them with. If the campus infrastructure hadn't been so solid, and the tour guide, a native of Texas, wasn't sporting just the right cool winter fashions, it might have been a total bust. But everyone knows, you don't go to Syracuse for the weather. So this only confirmed that adage. And, quite frankly, the school had to rest on its own merits. 

Syracuse University has enough cache that people will overlook the weather anomalies. I guess this is a sort of "weeding out" process they hold to make sure they're hedging their bets, and their financial aid, on the willing. And let me tell you – in this economic climate? Their financial aid has been outstanding! Luckily – the brutal April storm was not a deterrent. And the 'kid' is now a Senior – telling other kids about how great it all is. Ol' man winter – bring it on. 


Many thanks to Marianne O'Hare for submitting this guest post. We welcome parent stories about their college visit experiences. Be sure to explore the Visit Us section of the Syracuse web site for a college tour schedule or for information about other opportunities to visit or meet with representatives from Syracuse University. The weather is always permitting at Syracuse. 

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