CampusChat Tonight: Mobile Phones & College Visits -To text or not?

CampusChat Tonight: Mobile Phones & College Visits -To text or not?  During the previous week's hilarious CampusChat on Parent College Whines tweets about teens (and parents) texting during information sessions (and even admission interviews — it was a parent) came up. It was clear that opinions were strong and varied about when it's appropriate to text and when it is not. I decided right then this would make a good topic for CampusChat

Having written about mobile phones, smartphones, cell phone security, social media, new technologies in admissions recruiting and because I'm also mother of a teen, I feel well prepared to kick-off this discussion. What I'm hoping, though, is that anyone with information related to teen cell phone usage, cell phones and parenting, campus policies, and mobile marketing will contribute to the conversation. 

Some of the questions we'll address include:

  • Should cell phones be turned off during a college information session?
  • How are colleges using text messaging to reach current students, prospective students and parents of either group?
  • What do you as a parent wish was being done?
  • What would you, as a student, like to see schools do with respect to cell phone policies?
  • What kind of notifications do you want to get from schools?

CampusChat begins at 9PM, Eastern, on Twitter under the hashtag: #CampusChat. 

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