The 5 W’s of #CampusChat with Guest Akil Bello

Akil Bello, co-founder of BellCurves
: Akil Bello (@akilbello), co-founder of Bell Curves. Contact: or
at 646-414-1586.

WHAT: Tonight's topic is College Board Test Prep

WHERE: #CampusChat on Twitter

WHEN: 9 PM Eastern, August 25, 2010 

WHY: "Change a life! Change the World!" These words headline the career web page on the Bell Curves site and the testimonials from former Bell Curves students indicate their lives were changed and their educational opportunities blossomed thanks to the company's test prep services. 

Akil Bello co-founded the company after discovering his own passion for sharing knowledge and helping others achieve academic success through what he calls a happy accident: "I was a student of architecture and was looking for a part time job. My aunt worked for one of the big prep companies and pulled strings to get me hired, I turned out to be really good at it."

Bell Curves is located in New York City and offers GMAT, LSAT, and SAT test preparation services as well as tutoring. Workshops are hosted online via live web-based classrooms and in traditional classroom settings. 

Akil has been an active participant in #CampusChat and his contributions are smart, witty, perceptive and informative. Parents, college-bound teens and those enrolled in college considering graduate or law school are encouraged to join us tonight for more of Akil's insight and tips related to college test prep. You won't be bored, and your life may be changed from the experience. 

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