SmartCollegeVisit Available on Kindle

Why a Kindle Edition?

On August 2, 2010, the SmartCollegeVisit blog became available for Kindle readers through Amazon's Kindle Blog Sites subscription program. The Kindle edition is available for a monthly subscription fee of $1.99. 

Are you scratching your head, wondering why would we publish a Kindle version of our college visit planning blog for a fee when folks can read SmartCollegeVisit for free right from the website? Simple. We want our followers to have access to our blog's content in any means that suits them. Our blog format supports mobile web delivery and our stats already indicate increases in the number of people accessing our blog via mobile devices. 

Now, if you're krazy for Kindle, you have the option of receiving the articles we publish minus any advertising through Amazon's subscription program. We're listed in the Regional & Travel category under Kindle Blogs on Amazon. 

SmartCollegeVisit – Any Way You Want It

Our blog content is available most any way you want it – you decide how you want to read SmartCollegeVisit:

  • Web:
  • Mobile: (mobile browser friendly)
  • RSS – Subscribe to our blog via the RSS feed and choose how you want to receive the content
  • Twitter – @collegevisit – We post links daily to new posts and evergreen content relative to what's going on in college admissions
  • Kindle: SmartCollegeVisit (Kindle Edition)
  • SmartCollegeVisit (Kindle Edition) can also be read on the iPhone/iPad. The Kindle app is free and available for download from iTunes making it easy to subscribe to Kindle books and blogs even if you don't own a Kindle device.

What's your preference? How do you read SmartCollegeVisit? Have we missed anything? Let us know – post a comment here on our blog or on our Facebook page. We'd love to hear from you. 


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