Smart See, Smart Do: Mary Baldwin College

Mary Baldwin College has a bark you won’t forget.

Painting Da at Mary Baldwin College

 A great deal can be said about the value of academia and historical landmarks among universities, but what makes a college campus truly unique are the traditions established among students. At Mary Baldwin College the student body is united as a community in many ways, one of the most prominent being the annual painting of Da and Da.

Who are Da and Da, you ask?  

Da at Mary Baldwin College  In 2003 the MBC senior art students, in an attempt to leave their mark on campus, created plaster casts of the two dogs (Ham and Jam) that sit at the front of the Administrative Building. The replicates were named Da and Da after the Dadaist movement of 20th century art. Each year Da and Da get a fresh coat of paint given generously by the graduating seniors to reflect whatever style they choose. 

While laughing over various campus traditions and endearing anecdotes reflecting their professors, the senior art majors often decorate the dogs to portray things such as professors or MBC customs. In 2009 the graduating class painted Da and Da to look like Paul Ryan, MBC professor of art, and Jim Sconyers, MBC assistant professor of art.

Check out pictures of the 2009 painting of Da and Da or come see them for yourself by scheduling a visit. Tours are available upon request to ensure your visit to Mary Baldwin College is as fulfilling as possible. For additional information contact the admissions office at 1-800-468-2262 or

Mary Baldwin College
Office of Admissions
Staunton, VA  24401

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