Smart College Visit Twitter Lists

Want to keep up with information from colleges but don't want to take the time to subscribe to hundreds of schools? No problem – subscribe to the Smart College Visit Twitter Lists instead. Check out the lists below and click on the link to access the list via Twitter. 

The Seven Sisters - Six of the top-ranked, prestigious Women's Colleges originally known as members of the "Seven Sisters." 

Women's Colleges (all female colleges) - 22 Women's Colleges in the U.S.

Top-Engineering-Schools - Best undergraduate engineering programs by US News & World Report 2010

Colleges and Universities - 131 U.S. 4-year institutions 

Our lists are growing (with the exception of the Seven Sisters)! To get your school added, please follow @CollegeVisit and we'll add you on. Are there other groups of colleges you'd like to see? Use the comment form below and let us know or send a DM on Twitter.