Where’d They Go To School: Fortune 500 CEOs

July 16, 2010

Concept of expensive education - dollars and diplomaEver thought about what it takes to be a top CEO? We have. Here’s Fortune’s (CNN-Money.com) list of the Top 20 Fortune 500 CEOs and where they studied.

As you plan your college visits, consider some of these fine schools:

  1. Rex W. Tillerson: Exxon Mobile – University of Texas at Austin
  2. Michael T. Duke: Wal-mart – Georgia Institute of Technology
  3. David J. O’Reilly: Chevron – University College, Dublin
  4. James J. Mulva: ConocoPhillips – University of Texas Austin
  5. Jeffrey R. Immelt: General Electric – Dartmouth College (Undergrad) & Harvard University (Masters)
  6. Frederick Henderson: General Motors – University of Michigan
  7. Alan R. Mulally: Ford Motor – University of Kansas (Undergrad) & Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Masters)
  8. Randall L. Stephenson: AT&T – University of Central Oklahoma (Undergrad) & University of Oklahoma (Masters)
  9. Mark V. Hurd: Hewlett-Packard – Baylor University
  10. William R. Klesse: Valero Energy – University of Dayton (Undergrad) & West Texas A&M University  (Masters)
  11. Kenneth D. Lewis: Bank of America – Georgia State University (Undergrad) & Stanford University     (Masters)
  12. Vikram S. Pandit: Citigroup –  Columbia University
  13. Warren E. Buffett: Berkshire Hathaway – University of Pennsylvania (Transferred), University of Nebraska (Undergrad) & Columbia University (Masters)
  14. Samuel J. Palmisano: IBM – Johns Hopkins University
  15. John H. Hammergren: McKesson –University of Minnesota (Undergrad) & Xavier University (Masters)
  16. James Dimon: J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. – Tufts University (Undergrad) & Harvard Business School   (Masters)
  17. Ivan G. Seidenberg: Verizon Communications – City University of New York (Undergrad) & Pace University (Masters)
  18. R. Kerry Clark: Cardinal Health – Queen’s University Kingston
  19. Thomas M. Ryan: CVS Caremark – University of Rhode Island
  20. Alan G. Lafley: Proctor & Gamble – Hamilton College (Undergrad) & Harvard Business School (Masters)


Chelsea Merget, a junior at Boston University is pursuing a degree in Communications with a minor in Psychology. She is spending the summer as a public relations intern with Smart College Visit, Inc. Where’d They Go to School™ is a series appearing on SmartCollegeVisit.com.