Takeaway Tweets & Transcript from #CampusChat with Ivy Eyes Editing

How does one learn how to write an attention-grabbing, read-worthy 500-word college admissions essay 140-characters at a time?

Simple. Read the transcript from Wednesday's #CampusChat with @IvyEyesEditing  (July 14, 2010). 

Our expert guest and co-host, Janson Woodlee, co-founder and managing editor at Ivy Eyes Editing, lead the charge for top-notch writing to get admitted to college, get off waitlists, and win scholarships. 

Janson and his expert team of writers and editors, who are also Yale graduates, have edited thousands of essays, resumes, personal statements, cover letters, and other materials for business and college admissions. Their clientele includes prospective college freshmen, graduate school and professional school applicants, as well as business professionals. 

There were ample Takeaway Tweets from this #CampusChat discussion that included over 160 posts and 25 contributors. Some of my favorites include these essay-writing tips from @IvyEyesEditing:

  • Students get off waitlists, win scholarships, etc through top-notch writing 
  • But great question re: religion and politics, really! A good caveat is to make another quality or theme the centerpiece…
  • Your views on organized religion, not as important as what you have done to preserve or work for them 
  • To follow-up on intro paragraphs–I grow weary of 'creative' intro 'devices.' Starting with an onomatopoeia isn't creative 
  • Using a quote? Good idea ONLY IF: you convey what it truly means to you, and/or you expand upon it. Context is imp too. 
  • The diversity essay: own your diversity, and tell it through a story that conveys difference that's more than skindeep. 
  • Another pitfall: TMI- an emotionally heavy story that brings your stability & college readiness into question 
  • And I'd add don't go with cliches. So boring when kids can talk about nothing but To Kill a Mockingbird 
  • The Common App will go live August 1 but preview w/ all essay questions is available now http://bit.ly/byPxRc 

For more great tips on writing, college admissions, SAT prep, and to see the contributions by all of the participants, read the entire #CampusChat Transcript available from What the Hashtag?!.

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The next #CampusChat is Wednesday, July 21, 2010, with  Alexis Avila, founder and president of Prepped and Polished.