Smart See, Smart Do: Saint Thomas University

St. Thomas University STEM research

The Carnival Science and Technology building is where all the excitement stems from at St Thomas U. St. Thomas University is a school whose appeal is in its tight knit, 5000-strong student community.  A small Catholic campus located in Miami, Florida, the grounds are a must see in itself. The fact that it is filled with trees, lakes, and a peaceful breeze is just one reason the university’s location appeals to many. On top of the beautiful Floridian atmosphere, however, the campus has a great deal to boast of in regards to its science building.

The Carnival Cruise Lines Science and Technology building opened in August of 2008 and houses the School of Science, Technology, and Engineering Management. Students are afforded countless invaluable opportunities through the program and the state-of-the-art facilities enabling an edge over many other schools. The laboratories are equipped with all the latest audio visual technology as well as scientific technology donated by NASA. Students who complete four years at St. Thomas have the equivalent education of many first year grad students, making acceptance into graduate programs and the workplace much easier.

While the school’s fourteen laboratories and core research facilities for chemistry, microscopy, histology, tissue culture, and molecular biology create a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to work with faculty on publishable forefront research projects, the Science Atrium features the “Windows on Science,” which are designed to engage people of all ages and skill levels. The Discovery Laboratory is a facility constructed with elementary, middle school, and high school students in mind, as it allows teachers to demonstrate and showcase scientific concepts, current research, discoveries, and modern technology. The adjacent lecture hall, entrance atrium, and outdoor terrace are excellent spaces for public lectures, conferences, and other activities. 

Learn more about how to apply to St Thomas University or email any of the colleges’ deans to discover more about the university’s undergraduate programs.  Visit the school’s beautiful campus weekdays or during any of the open house dates. To contact the admissions office, email the dean of admissions at, or call 305-628-6712.

St. Thomas University
16401 NW 37th Avenue
Miami Gardens, Florida 33054


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