Open Mic Night on CampusChat – The Takeaway Tweets

Our first "open mic" night on #CampusChat attracted 23 contributors who posted 286 tweets in the span of an hour and a half. The discussion was lively, informative, and insightful. Contributors ranged from college students to college counselors and from educators to business execs. What's important in selecting the right college became the topic of discussion with insights from current and recent college students who stressed significant factors not typically addressed during traditional college search.

The complete transcript for #campuschat was produced by What the Hashtag?!

The Takeaway Tweets


I didn't consideration things like student life. My college town was
way too small for what I needed, not diverse. #campuschat


I know that's broad–but applies to curriculum, student life,
location, everything. Very hard to be that forward-thinking at 18! #campuschat


@collegevisit IMHO, don't visit in summer. I did bc I
only had time then. Big mistake, never saw students/"scene" #campuschat


@collegevisit visiting was the best and easiest way
for me to decide on BU. impossible to get a feel 4 compatibility on
paper #campuschat


@collegevisit Greek life is NOT for everyone but if
you want it it's a factor in the choice #campuschat


@collegevisit one mistake I have seen a lot is
probably limiting options – no safety school #campuschat


we have to encourage kids to us online searches w/o location
restrictions. just open eyes to options beyond where friends went #campuschat


Preach! RT @akilbello: college should be a broadening
experience.. seems a waste to continue your hs experience in college #campuschat

From fresh-baked bread to dorm rooms with sinks, the number of factors mentioned during #CampusChat that influence where to apply to college may seem irrational and impractical, but there's always something that speaks to each  person. The bottom line is that you have to visit the campus when classes are in session and not be afraid to ask students (and not just the tour guide) questions about their college life. For a more insight on this topic and to connect with college advising experts, read the complete transcript here.

Next #CampusChat: Wednesday, July 14, with expert guest: Janson Woodlee, founder of Ivy Eyes (@IvyEyesEditing).