CampusChat with @DesignYourDorm

Imagine you've invited guests to a dinner party. When some arrive, they walk right in, but when the guest of honor arrives, the door to your home is locked or jammed and you can't open it. The door won't budge. There's a party going on inside and your guest is stuck on the outside. Well, that's kind of like what happened on #CampusChat last night. DesignYourDorm was locked out of #CampusChat! Tweets from @DesignYourDorm did not show up in any of the tools we were using to participate in the chat, however, their tweets were displaying on their own Twitter page.

Our quick fix during the chat was to copy Tweets from and paste them into our stream so our guest of honor could have representation in the chat. Further research into this problem indicates Twitter may not have included @DesignYourDorm in their search index. Whatever the reason, we want to make sure everyone has access to the tweets posted by our guest. Therefore, in addition to the transcript, we've opened the door to all the tweets sent directly from @DesignYourDorm last night.

#CampusChat Tweets by @DesignYourDorm:

  • That's one of the things we try to solve-3D models
    of dorms mean you know how much stuff will fit! #campuschat
  • One tough thing they don't tell you about: storing
    all that fun stuff you bought over the summer.
  • One awesome tip: mooch off of seniors! You can
    score awesome stuff from grad'ing seniors for cheap, as long as you'll
    store it. #campuschat
  • There are some great companies that help out
    students needing to store. And don't be afraid to split it with a
    roommate! #campuschat

  • Yup! We have a Meebo bar, which means that they
    can connect via FB, AIM, Twitter while staying on the site #campuschat
  • The best is one-click sharing. You design the
    room, and can share via email, or any social network, instantly. #campuschat
  • Mostly, we reach out to them <colleges>. But it's free and
    painless for them- they just need to e-mail us and we do the rest! #campuschat
  • We work with them <colleges> from where to send the furniture
    to getting the layouts right, but we do the model rendering! #campuschat
  • We do it for the items to put in there, too. We're
    the middleman btwn schools, students, & stores to do it better! #campuschat
  • Being prepared saves everybody money! #campuschat
  • Yup! It's all set up with tthe university to make
    sure it gets to the right place for movein! #campuschat
  • They're shipped- not unpacked and all set up- but
    it gets there hasslefree! #campuschat
  • As we wind down, I want to share out one more
    thing: our Move-In Checklist of must-haves!
  • Absolutely! Whenever, we'll get it to them!
    Halfway through the year, or anytime they need something! #campuschat
  • No problem! Was
    fun, despite the craziness. Will definitely be a part of #campuschat again! See ya!


A HUGE thanks to DesignYourDorm for hanging in there with us last night!

The incomplete transcript for #campuschat can be found here: