Top Tweets on Paying for College from #CampusChat with Russell Golowin

    DoRussell Golowin, founder of College 
Funding Relief, LLC the number of schools you apply impact the amount of
    financial you receive?

    Does it matter when you submit the FAFSA?

                   Does applying Early Decision impact financial aid awards?

These were some of the questions addressed by Russell Golowin, founder of College Funding Relief, LLC, during #CampusChat, June 23, 2010. The conversation was active with terrific input from everyone who attended. Here are 6 Top Tweets taken from the 279 tweet-rich transcript. Feel free to pick your own top 6 or 60! If you write about #CampusChat, be sure to let us know (@collegevisit).

Top Tweets on Paying for College


@collegevisit Everyone should submit the FAFSA in
early Jan of the student's Senior year. Aid is first come, first serve. #CampusChat


Don't wait until you file taxes to file the FAFSA. Use estimates
that you can correct later when you get the official numbers. #CampusChat


It is not unusual for families making over $150,000 per year to
qualify for financial aid that they do not have to pay back. #CampusChat


We always recommend saving for retirement 1st & not touching it.
Students can borrow for school, parents can't for retirement. #CampusChat


We always recommend that our students apply to, and ideally get
accepted to 6 schools. This entices better aid awards. #CampusChat


@Goal2025 Early decision absolutely cuts your throat
in regards to financial aid. You've just promised to attend at any
price. #CampusChat

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Again, a huge thanks to Russell for being an expert guest on #CampusChat. Be sure to follow him on Twitter at @Russell_Golowin and like or become a fan on the College Funding Relief Facebook page for more terrific information on paying for college.


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