Smart See, Smart Do: Butler University

What do six presidents, four basketball greats, and one Hollywood blockbuster have in common?

Hinkle Fieldhouse, Butler University
When visiting Butler’s campus don’t miss out on the opportunity to walk where legends have walked.  On February 27, 1987 Hinkle Fieldhouse was officially named a National Historic Landmark, greatly due to the role the arena has played in transforming the game of basketball. Named Butler Fieldhouse when it was constructed in 1928, its first claim to fame was its colossal stature. For 20 years it was the largest basketball arena in the United States. The arena was renamed in 1966 for Paul D. “Tony” Hinkle, who established Butler’s athletic fame over nearly half a century. Its prestige does not stop there: Hinkle Fieldhouse has hosted six U.S. presidents and some of the most influential basketball players in existence. Larry Bird, John Wooden, Oscar Robertson, and George McGinnis have all been among those privileged to experience the Fieldhouse. McGinnis is quoted as saying, "I still think after all these years that it's the best basketball court in America. It's absolutely the best I've ever played on." Take his word on that — after all, Hollywood did. In December 1985 Hinkle Fieldhouse was used as the set of the popular film “Hoosiers,” based on the 1954 Indiana High School championship, which actually took place in what was then Butler Fieldhouse. 

Check out Hinkle Fieldhouse for yourself on a campus tour, available year round Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. If you’d rather, you can attend Butler 101, a casual campus visit where you’ll get all the inside information on everything from financial aid and admissions to everyday life from current students and staff. Register for Butler 101 or plan another tour at Butler's visit information page. 

To contact the admissions office, call 888-940-8100 or email

Butler University
Robertson Hall
4600 Sunset Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208

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