SheldonWord-Nerd Wrap-up on CampusChat: Transcript for June 9, 2010

Word-Nerd founder Jenn Cohen was our guest on #CampusChat on Wednesday, June 9, 2010. Tweeting from @SheldonWord-Nerd, Jenn scores the highest among our chat guests to date with the most active chat to date. WhatTheHashtag reports the following stats: 341 tweets and 23 contributors (stats reported cover the past seven days – with the highest concentration of activity on chat night). Jenn alone contributed 94 tweets last night in an hour!

Thanks to everyone who joined the conversation last night and especially to our intern, Chelsea Merget (@chelsmerget), for filling in for me last night as chat host. She did an awesome job!

To catch up with all the activity and great advice form #CampusChat, read the transcript and learn more about SAT/PSAT prep from @SheldonWord-Nerd. Here's the link:

Next chat date: June 16, 2010 at 9PM ET with guest: @WilliamPaid.