CampusChat: Six Best College Tips from Expert Guests

#CampusChat is an online chat that takes place on Wednesday evenings from 9-10 pm, Eastern. With six weeks of chats now under our belt, there has been a steady stream of tips and advice flowing from the fingertips of our expert guests. Here are some of the best tips and how they apply to college admissions and academic success.

Best tip for to manage the influx of e-mailed information from colleges and universities:

Set up an individual email account for all college correspondence and
make it professional. Avoid cutesy names such as "" Parents and Teens: share the password to the account. It can be very helpful to have more than one set of eyes reviewing the information sent by colleges. (Suzanne Shaffer, Parents Countdown to College Coach)

Best college visit tip:

"Do not visit your first college choice first." (From Eric Yaverbaum, author of Life's Little College Admissions Insights:
Top Tips from the Country's Most Acclaimed Guidance Counselors*)

Best SAT test prep tip:

Read every day. The worst thing you can is not read everyday. (Jenn Cohen, founder Word-Nerd, SAT vocab prep program) Also, check out the College Board's recommended reading list for excellent choices in summer (anytime) reading material:

Best tip for the role academic planning plays during college search:

Look up grad rates on then, ask schools how they are
trying to improve. Four-year graduation rate is 38%;  six-year rate equals roughly 60% at US
college and universities. (Christina McIntyre, founder BecomeAlum)

Best tip for students enrolled in college (and for those enrolling soon):

Definition of a "koofer" – an old test or study guide (Koofers were once stored in coffers). A koofer makes a terrific study guide. (Michael Rihani, co-founder, Koofers, a resource for academic support, providing materials and planning resources to college students)

And, the best tip for parents, teens, and college admissions offices:

Second to the college visit, peer influence plays the greatest role in deciding where to go to school. (According to parents of newly accepted teens and first participants in #CampusChat: Eileen Paulin and Tom Field)

Next #CampusChat: Wednesday, 9 PM ET with guest @WilliamPaid. The topic will be living on a college student's budget – managing rent and building credit.