Bills get Paid with WilliamPaid: Highlights & Transcript from #CampusChat

Williampaid The information exchanged during #CampusChat on Twitter last night was of value—cash-in-your-pocket kind of value to college students, especially if rent an apartment and you're among the 86% with students loans to repay.

Take-away Tweets from @WilliamPaid and @esilverman (CEO/co-founder)

  • 24 months of consecutive on-time rent payments could raise your credit
    score by 120pts Students should know this
  • WilliamPaid can alleviate rent collection amongst roommates, track who's paid, track
    your credit score monthly
  • Young Americans are the second highest rate of bankruptcy and student
    loans are NOT discharged!
  • Landlords don't have ability to report payments, they can only report
    derogatory info such as lease defaults.
  • WilliamPaid has partnered with the largest alternative credit reporter in US – sole
    licensee of FICO Expansion Score
  • We can report payments because we are FCRA certified data furnisher and we are
    managing payment process.
  • College students should start building credit now – @williampaid can assist without them going into debt.

Transcript for #CampusChat (June 16, 2010) :

Bottom line: WilliamPaid is a bill-payment service for renters with important benefits for college students. Two key benefits include reporting of rent payments to build one's credit score and cash-back rewards from online shopping and referrals that can be applied to a college student's loan along with an extra 10% from WilliamPaid when applied to pay down the loan. Cash-back dollars can also be rewarded directly to the user.

Landlords benefit from being able to offer renters the ease of online bill payment and convenient payment management for rent-splits among roommates. (No more headaches.)