CampusChat on Twitter

Fotolia_tweeting #CampusChat: Join the Conversation

On Wednesday evening at 9 PM, Eastern, May 5, SmartCollegeVisit will host #CampusChat on Twitter.

#CampusChat is the hashtag phrase we've defined in Twitter-speak to track discussions related to college-bound students and their

#CampusChat is hosted and moderated by @CollegeVisit.

With the May 1 Candidate's Reply Date having just passed, Wednesday's #CampusChat welcomes three parents with teens who just accepted
offers of admission as featured guests. The parents will talk about the college decision-making process for them and their children.

Any parents, teens, college admissions officers, counselors and anyone who is interested and passionate about college admissions are invited to join the conversation.

Here's how:

Follow SmartCollegeVisit on Twitter, @collegevisit.

On Wednesday night, May 5, at 9 PM, Eastern, track the hashtag: #CampusChat using tools such as TweetChat or WhatTheHashtag. For more information about how to use these tools or how to keep up with or follow a chat, read: 3 Easy Ways to Keep in Step with a Twitter Chat.