A Little Logo Love

Just want to give a shout out to Sue Gift (SG Graphics), the graphic designer who created the Smart College Visit company logo. The process of getting a logo designed reminded me of what it's like to find a college that is the best fit. Sue gave me a form to fill out (sound familiar?) asking about my (the company's) interests and goals. Then, she processed the data and produced options for me to consider. I "visited" each option and asked my friends, relatives, and professional contacts what they thought. After everyone weighed in, I made the final decision based on what felt right to me.

SmartCollegeVisit logo, the educated way to visit campus

I happen to love the mortar-board-paper-airplane — it is delicate, yet strong; its focus sharp, aiming forward, aiming high. It works as a metaphor for the college-bound and it works for a company with a vision on how to make traveling to college easier. 


You can read more about working with Sue Gift on Handshake 2.0 (A Logo and a Lesson: Learning to Work with a Graphic Artist. For more information about Smart College Visit, please visit our Social Universe page.