Top 10 Questions for the Undecided Major

Undecided is fine if the college has a good policy for undeclared majors.Applying undecided is fine, provided the college in question has a good program for helping new students explore available majors.

Deciding where to apply is just one of the important decision points on the path to college. Deciding which major to choose is another, and with many schools offering anywhere from 40 – 70 majors, the number of choices alone can be overwhelming. The good news is that it’s usually OK to enter college as “undecided.” Many schools offer freshmen experience or introductory programs to help students navigate the choices and make good decisions about their futures. 

If you’re not sure about what to declare as your major, or what impact entering college as “undecided” will have on your future options, we suggest asking the following questions during your campus visit:

Q1: What guidance do students receive towards helping identify a major that would be a good fit?

Q2: Is there a course students should take the first semester to help in the search for a major?

Q3: What is the average time to a degree for a student who enters the university “undecided?”

Q4: What majors are restricted?

Q5: What are the restrictions?

Q6: Is there an application process for restricted majors?

Q7: Is the restriction capacity or performance driven?

Q8: How likely is it that a student who meets the qualifications will be able to enter a specific restricted major?

Q9: What is the percentage of students who apply for a restricted major who get accepted?

Q10: How many students typically enter your school as undecided?


Christina McIntyre, developer of BecomeAlum, an academic planning tool for enrolled students, recommended the above list of questions as follow up to an earlier post: BecomeAlum Founder on Planning Your College Career.