First College Visit Stories by Business Professionals

When SmartCollegeVisit launched in November, 2009, we kicked things off by sponsoring a series of college visit stories by business professionals. We discovered what we hoped would be true — that for some, the memory of the first time they set foot on the campus of the school that would become their alma mater would become one those defining moments in their personal journeys from the youth to adulthood.

Bob Giles and his brother, Virginia Tech Duck Pond, 1950 We were delighted to discover that many of those storytellers are now parents who are either currently involved in visiting colleges with their own teens, or have strong memories of college visit days with their own children from the not-too-distant past. Either way, we found all of the stories were beautifully written and moving and we wanted to make sure SmartCollegeVisit readers have access to them.

Here's the list of the First College Visit stories as they appeared on Handshake 2.0 in reverse order. Click on the title link to go to the full text of each article.

  1. Where I Decided My Future by Thomas Becher, president of tba, The Becher Agency (Northwestern University)
  2. This Interview Was a Discussion by Shakun Mago, Assistant Professor of Economics (University of Richmond)
  3. A Microcosm of the World At Large by Alexis Avila, Director of Prepped and Polished: Tutoring, College Counseling, Test Prep (University of Michigan – Ann Arbor)
  4. The Wheat Fields Were Amber Waves of Grain by Steven Tarr, Adjunct Professor of Business at Washington State University and President of Columbia-Capstone LLC and Steve Tarr Consulting LLC (University of Washington)
  5. A Pretty Nice Place by Wallace B. Newton Sr. (Wally) is an adjunct instructor of finance at Virginia Tech (Virginia Tech)
  6. No Reason To Look Any Place Else by Dan Smith, editor Valley Business FRONT (University of Tennessee)
  7. Crossing the Border Between Town Life and University Life by Anne Giles Clelland, founder/president Handshake Media, Inc. (Virginia Tech)
  8. Look Left and Right by Robert H. Giles, Jr., founder of Rural System, is a Virginia Tech Professor Emeritus (Virginia Tech)
  9. A Seller's Market by Dr. Manisha Singal, Assistant Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech (University of Virginia, University of Michigan, Northwestern University)
  10. A Tale of Two Visitors by Tom Field, co-founder, Valley Business FRONT.
  11. Age Regression Via the College Tour by Robert Geller, executive vice president, Fusion PR (Boston University)