Colleging In Chicago (Part II) | Teen Travel Talk

On March 12, 2010, we linked our readers to Part 1 of "Colleging in Chicago" by Teen Travel Talk writer (and teenager), Justine. An excerpt of Part 2 in her series on college visits continues below. Click the link at the end to continue to Teen Travel Talk for this next chapter on college visits.

Seeing Willis Tower was actually really awesome. I was sort of expecting an Empire State building experience: you wait a really long time, go up, oooohhh, aaaaahhh, and come back down. While waiting in line for the Skydeck (the part of the Willis Tower you’re able to tour), however, there were loads of statistics about the building on the walls as well as touchscreen quizzes you could play around with. The line was pretty short and security was fast, but I have one complaint to throw in: they made you stop and take a picture in front of a green screen in case you wanted to buy a picture of you and your mother in front of a fake Chicago panorama. But whatever points the tower lost in my mind for the photo were regained during the elevator ride. As we went up, a plasma screen told us exactly how high we were and what famous structure we just surpassed in height… oh look, we just passed the Taj Mahal! Hey, there goes the Eiffel Tower!

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