Father-Daughter Adventure (Mike O’Donnell from Seattle)

The Challenge: Visit eight out-of-state schools in one week and make the visits count.

 The Strategy: Prepareat Pepperdine University

  • Research and select schools to visit based on academic programs of interest AND potential fit with women’s track programs (based on team stats/individual records, team culture, scholarship opportunities).
  • Set up individual meetings with coaches, faculty and academic department heads.
  • Plan flights, car rentals and travel time between each visit to ensure making scheduled tours and meetings with coaches and department heads.

[Stress Alert: Not much room for delayed flights or traffic jams. On the Other Hand: “Everyone was very accommodating." – Mike]

The Highlights

  • A coach who gave a private tour in his car because travel schedule didn’t allow participation in admissions office tour
  • A personal tour by golf cart ["That sure beat the standard walking tour with a group all stumbling behind a guide who is trained to walk backwards. LOL” – Mike]
  • Individual meetings with coaches, department heads, etc. These allowed for personal connections and interest-tailored information. [“The group presentations were pretty much all the same (movie, group tour, tables with campus groups, etc.), but the individual personalities were usually colorful and memorable characters.” – Mike]

Final Comments

Overall, the experience broadened my daughter’s perspective on college life and the opportunities available to her post high school. It was also a wonderful father-daughter bonding experience – the best quality time we have had in years.” – Mike


Kathie Dickenson edited this post for SmartCollegeVisit. She is an award-winning writer and editor and a regular contributor to SmartCollegeVisit.