Submit a Visit Profile

The Smart Visit Profile Page is designed to make it easy for prospects
and their families to gain access to the information they need to plan
their visit to your school by centralizing all of the information needed to plan a visit. Here they will be able to access all of the visit information from one resource page. In addition, prospects can register to visit and request to be on your contact list.

Colleges and universities are invited to submit information for a custom Smart Visit Profile Page. Once we receive the information and have created your school’s visit profile, we will send a link to the contact person you’ve indicated on the form. Your contact person will have the opportunity to review the page and make any necessary changes. Once the approved form is live on the SmartCollegeVisit site, we will send you the URL. We invite you to include this link in resource lists that you make available to your prospects and their families.

An Update Profile form is also available so that you can submit changes should the hours of your tours and information sessions change during the year.

We understand the importance of the college visit and it’s our goal to make the process of planning a visit easier for the college-bound and their families. We want to make it easy for you, too, to know who’s interested in visiting your school. If you suggestions as to how we can do this better, we’d like to know. As always, feel free to email us at anytime.

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